Slash 22" Crossbow Bolts Fletched

Slash 22" Crossbow Bolts Fletched
  • Slash bolts are made with cored carbon, an inner sleeve carbon made to hold the front end Slash aluminum assembly. 
  • The bolts pack a one,two punch! 
  • Leading the front end is a standard insert to accommodate all standard broadheads. 
  • Slash bolts come with a 3 blade broadhead with a 1" cut, followed by Slash INsetBlades with a 2 1/4" cutting diameter, with 3" vanes, 20" or 22" bolts.
  • Quantity: 3 pack

Note: Do not draw INsetBlade deployable blades through the arrow rest under any circumstances!
  • Each set includes: 3 bolts, 2 w/ INsetBlade, 3 Broadheads, 1-Target tip & 12 - O rings

Unit of Measure: 3 Pack

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