Zero Sport Wash Detergent 18oz Bottle

Zero Sport Wash Detergent 18oz Bottle
  • Completely destroys odors and removes your toughest stains from the hunt, such as; soil, blood and grass.
  • Rinses completely leaving Zero residue for animals to smell.
  • Cleans and deodorizes, leaving Zero scent to alert deer.
  • Optimize performance of carbon, silver, zeolite and all oxidizer odor control systems.
  • Restores performance features of high tech hunting fabrics.
  • Restores loft and effectiveness to down and synthetic insulation in your hunting gear.
  • Restores wicking, breathability and rapid dry to keep your hunt dry.
  • Contains Zero fabric softener, UV brighteners, enzymes or fragrance.
  • No detergent, not even Sport Wash, can remove UV brighteners.
  • If brighteners are present, a single treatment with U-V Killer will stop the glow permanently.
  • Recommended for HE and standard washers.
  • Restores factory applied DWR type water repellents.
  • Contains Zero bleach, phosphate, fabric softener or enzymes.
  • Readily biodegradable / septic safe.
  • For all washables.
  • 18 fl. oz. bottle.

Unit of Measure: EA

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